Formed in 1969, the British Columbia Sheet Metal Association (SMACNA-BC) was the first international chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA). Since then, SMACNA-BC has been one of the leading construction associations in British Columbia, Canada.

The Association consists of both contractor and associate members. Contractor members are unionized sheet metal contractors throughout British Columbia (excluding Vancouver Island). Associate members are suppliers to the industry. SMACNA-BC's business office is in Surrey, British Columbia.

Purpose of SMACNA-BC

  • improve the financial stability and business conditions of the sheet metal industry, and to develop and promote methods to improve managerial proficiency
  • to improve quality, efficiency and productivity of, and within, this industry, and to implement high standards of work
  • to establish and maintain high ethical standards of conduct between members of the Association, and between members and owners, architects, engineers, other contractors, and the public
  • to study and help in the development and enforcement of governmental codes and regulations, and such legislation as may be necessary for the best interest of the public and the sheet metal industry
  • to promote harmony in labour relations
  • to exchange technical, professional, and educational information with other contractor associations in the sheet metal industry and its allied trades in Canada and other countries
  • to affiliate as a Chapter with the Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractors' National Association, Inc.

SMACNA is known for its Technical Standards

SMACNA has developed over thirty technical publications, videos, charts, and guidelines which are considered international standards for our industry. Committees of contractors from throughout North America develop the publications which range from HVAC Duct Construction Standards to Kitchen Equipment Guidelines. SMACNA's Guidelines for Seismic Restraint of Mechanical Systems has become the guidebook for architects, engineers, design professionals, and contractors.

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2018 - 2019 SMACNA-BC Board of Directors;

Aaron Smith, Smith Sheet Metal Works Ltd. -  President          

Bernie Antchak, Northwest Sheet Metal Ltd.-  President-Elect

Kevin Taylor, City Sheet Metal Ltd. - Vice President

Angelo Paris, Apollo Sheet Metal Ltd - Immediate Past-President / Treasurer / Secretary

Dan Mauro, Spectrum Sheet Metal Ltd — Director

Dan Taillefer, Viaduct Sheet Metal Ltd.— Director

Mark McLaren, Ridge Sheet Metal Co. — Director

Al BenningAmes Metal Fabricators 82 Ltd— Director

Phil McDonald, Summit Sheet Metal Ltd. - Director

Craig Benson, Paramount Sheet Metal Ltd — SMACNA, Inc -. Canadian Director

Brad Popoff, Equity Plumbing & Heating Ltd — Northern BC Regional Chair

Tom MacGillis, Bry-Mac Mechanical Ltd — Southern BC Regional Chair

Bruce Sychuk — Executive Director








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